Africa is the largest market in the world. Enter it with the best partner.

All brands want to be in Africa

International markets have grown exponentially in recent years, especially in Asia. Africa, on the other hand, remains unexplored, despite the fact that, with more than 1.2 billion potential consumers, it is the world’s largest market. It is even larger than the World Trade Organization.

The signing in 2018 of the African Free Trade Agreement initialled by 53 countries of the African Union (AU) is a reality and represents the greatest commercial opportunity of the 21st century: a single market with freedom of movement of people and, in the future, with monetary unity.

Africa is arguably the last place on the planet where the limits of market growth are yet to be discovered. This makes expansion across the continent a golden opportunity for brands, which can see their market share reach new heights of growth.

Despite the free trade agreement, Africa is still a diverse continent of 54 countries with very different social and cultural characteristics. To be in Africa, you need a business partner with extensive experience in the region who can stay beside you.

What you need to know before introducing your brand in Africa

Africa is an emerging market with a great projection of growth. It is made up of different nationalities, customs and languages and it is a territory that is usually undervalued, despite the fact that here we find countries like Senegal, with a perfectly established democracy and great economic and social development plans.

These growth plans symbolize a new dawn for this group of countries as well as the creation of great commercial opportunities that can turn into thousands of points of sale and millions of new consumers.

Dakar, in Senegal, is in fact the gateway to the countries of West Africa, and the city is experiencing in recent years a great expansion at all levels.

Even the NBA has a school in the country, the “NBA Academy Africa”.

In West Africa alone there are 17 countries including Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana or Senegal, each with its own particularities, but with a great global desire to modernize and embrace the Western lifestyle, including the consumption of its most prestigious brands.

That is why it is important that your business partner in Africa is a company that can accompany you throughout the process, has commercial experience in the continent, knows the market and, above all, guarantees the care of your brand.

You will only be able to reach millions of new consumers in Africa if you do it with the best possible partner, us.