Why Afry Global Channel?

Afry Global Channel is the gateway for brands to Africa and your guide to recognizing and working with the best points of sale on the continent.
We know retail in Africa. We know where and when to approach each client and how to negotiate to place products in the best spaces in the points of sale.

Our extensive experience in the distribution of brands in Africa

We fully know the brands we accompany, as well as the paths to follow to achieve their success in distribution. We also know the paths that can be followed and their difficulties.

Our knowledge of the African market allows us to choose the best strategy for each of the brands we distribute and we know the milestones that must be passed to achieve success.

We also take care to protect the brands we distribute, because we know their value and the work behind them, and we know how to preserve their identity while boosting their sales.

We preserve the brand image and implement global marketing strategies

Therefore, in our work, in addition to researching and prospecting the most suitable markets, we also take care of preserving the brand image and implementing global marketing strategies on the continent.

Logistics, distribution, tariffs, permits… are basic for the correct distribution of your products in a new market. As it is to know the type of points of sale, the commercial chains with a target more related to each brand, the advertising elements with more possibilities of conversion,… We carefully analyze and design the sales strategy of each brand, preserving the positioning of the same in the global market.

We are the gateway for any brand that wants to enter the African market

We are the gateway for any brand that wants to enter the African market, as we understand not only the local population, but also the importance for the brand to choose the right partner who will make sure to preserve its image and increase brand awareness in the market.

We love brands. That’s why we take care of them. This is what we do, this is who we are.

Our team

We are a team of experts in the African and international market. Professionals with years of experience in this and other markets, multilingual and used to working in the distribution of all kinds of commercial brands that have trusted us to go much further.

At the helm is Gustave Doughan, a senior international executive with over 20 years’ experience in the fashion and luxury goods sector. In his long career, he has established strong links with key companies in the distribution and retail sector on all the continents where he has worked.

Gus Doughan

General Manager

Although I am of Lebanese origin, I grew up in Senegal, West Africa, where I lived with my family until I left for the US to become an Industrial Engineer.

During my childhood and adolescence, I had the great opportunity to discover the beautiful Senegalese culture and to get to know the wonderful Senegalese people in depth. I also got to know other African countries, which allowed me to have a real image of the continent, far from the clichés, and to discover the opportunities it has to offer.

These family relationships and friendships have allowed me to connect with different types of businesses and professionals and create strong bonds with them.

On the other hand, my work experience in distribution in different countries and continents has taught me to value and anticipate the needs of the market.

For all these reasons, I am convinced that Africa is the place in the world that offers the greatest opportunities for brands that want to develop like never before. Not only is it a fascinating place in terms of its landscapes and ancient history, it is also home to millions of wonderful people who love their countries deeply and want to see them grow and develop.

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For example, Senegal is one of the most democratic countries in all of Africa, and this is exclusively due to the love of its inhabitants for their country and their deep desire to see it grow. Since its independence in the sixties, Senegal has been working on the development of its economy through different sectors such as tourism, trade as a turning point and entry point to West Africa, industry,…

The new generations are eager to learn and, through the daily discovery of the whole world they through social networks and media, they are determined to improve their lives and their environment.

Consequently, the generation of all kinds of business opportunities is growing in Senegal and West Africa, as demand continues to grow steadily.

Our knowledge of the market and its growing demands puts us on the map as a company specialising in the development, distribution and retailing of brands within different categories, as our main objective is the protection of the brand image and ensuring that we find the right distribution/retailing that fits the brand portfolio, that the brand is placed within the right retail where it is able to compete in a similar environment.

We are the gateway for any brand that wants to enter the African market as we understand not only the needs of the local population but also the needs of the brand to enter a market with the right partner who will ensure that the image is preserved and who will increase brand awareness within each country.

Our offices

We have offices in Dakar, capital of Senegal, where you can contact our team. It is from here that we work all our strategy on the continent, especially in West Africa.

SICAP Liberté 6, at numéro 8007, rue LIB 93 X Rue LIB 66, au 3ème étage, Appartement 3B, Dakar, Senegal.