Afry Global Channel

Africa is the largest market in the world,
enter it with the best partner.

About us?

Afry Global Channel is the gateway for brands to Africa and your guide to recognizing and working with the best points of sale on the continent.

We know retail in Africa. We know where and when to approach each client and how to negotiate to place products in the best spaces in the points of sale.

Our brands

We know how to take care of them and make them grow in different markets.

We accurately analyze the demands of each territory, the trends and the appropriate pricing policies for each country so that the brand always retains its essence while satisfying the local population.

We currently work with the following product categories:

Why Afry Global Channel?

Our extensive experience in the distribution of brands in Africa

In addition to knowing perfectly the brands we accompany and their possibilities, we also know the paths that can be followed and their difficulties.

We implement global marketing strategies and preserve the brand image.

We research and prospect the most suitable markets, we also take care of preserving the brand image and implementing global marketing strategies on the continent.

We are the gateway for brands to Africa

We understand the importance for the brand to choose the right partner who will make sure to preserve its image and increase brand awareness in the market.